There are a number of reasons for why dilated pupils of both eyes could be of different sizes. This problem does not have any external symptoms. The vet may advise common drugs like Methazolamide to ease corneal pressure and trimolol oath solution or trusopt ophthalmic solution to decrease the pressure. Cucumbers have cooling properties and are also capable of reducing blood vessel size, thereby reducing puffiness. Primary congenital glaucoma is a disease that affects the eyes of a newborn child. Also known as the conventional filtering microsurgery, this is the second option of surgery recommended by ophthalmologists. Can You have Surgery with a Head Cold? Excessive restlessness, anxiety, or aggression could be attributed to the prolonged use of prednisone.


Usually, a part of the lens moves behind, towards the back of the eye. In this article, some of the common causes, that can lead to this problem, have been described in great detail. Some of the above problems are of grave consequence and may lead to permanent loss of vision if not treated properly and on time.

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